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Welcome to the new home of Texas Mud Grids. To enable us to better serve our customers, we have integrated the Texas Mud Grids webpage within Sustainable Stables, our equestrian planning, design & product supply website. We recently expanded our mud control and permeable driveway pavers product line to include Heavy Duty Ground Grids, HahnPave driveway pavers and EcoSlabs, all made from 100% recycled plastic by our friends at Hahn Plastics


You can find an overview of individual product information below. If you would like more information, including custom pricing and shipping quotes, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. Here's to living a more sustainable and mud free life!  

Mud Control Grid_Product Sales Page.jpg
  • Interlocking design enables quick installation

  • Minimal ground prep required

  • Excellent water drainage through surface

  • Ideal hole size for horses

  • Strong enough for vehicles & heavy equipment

   Specs: 19.7"x19.7" x 2.1" | 14.8 lbs | 2" holes

Paddock Slab_Product Sales Page.jpg
  • Perfect for dry lots, runs, run-ins, stall bases, outdoor wash pads, walking paths, driveways, parking etc. 

  • Designed specifically with horses & livestock in mind, yet strong enough for vehicles & heavy equipment

  • T-slug & slot connection system | ADA Compliant

  Specs: 19.7" x 15.8" x 1.6"  |  4.6 lbs  |  0.25" cell wall

Heavy Duty Ground Grid_Product Sales Page.jpg
  • Superior to concrete - Light & non-breakable!

  • Excellent for heavy-duty parking areas

  • Fill with gravel, sand or soil/grass

  • ADA-compliant

  • 20-yr manufacturer warranty

  Specs: 24" x 16" x 3" | 19.8 lbs  | 1 5/8" cell wall 

HanPave Driveway Paver_Product Sales.jpg
  • Economical permeable driveway paver solution

  • Load bearing = up to 70,000 lbs/sq ft (when installed on proper base) 

  • Excellent water drainage 

  • Optional parking spot delineators


  Specs: 13.1" x 13.1" x 1.6" | 1.1 lbs 

EcoSlabs_Product Sales Page_edited.jpg
  • Temporary or permanent flooring, paths & driveways

  • Strong, durable and lightweight

  • Available with or without water drainage slots

  • Hook and slot connection system

​ Specs: 18" x 15.7" x 1.6" |  2.2 lbs

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