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The barn your horses would want you to build!

The Crosstimber

Part of our cross-breezeway series, the Crosstimber reflects our take on a larger timber post-and-beam barn. Featuring a combination of enclosed bays for tack, feed etc, traditional stalls, and two large covered run-ins on each end, the Crosstimber is the perfect solution for those wanting to manage two or more separate herds. Like all our barns, the covered run-ins are designed with flexibility in mind for future stall build-out or to create temporary partitions - whether for separating an injured horse from the herd or to provide a barrier between horses when feeding, etc. 

Video coming soon.

Our Process: Pick a plan  >  Customize the plan  >  Use our suppliers, or your own, to bring the plan to life! 

Example Renderings
Crosstimber horse barn rendering_front elevation view
Crosstimber horse barn rendering_rear elevation view
Crosstimber horse barn rendering_side elevation view
Crosstimber horse barn rendering_front perspective view
Concept Images

Conceptual images shown here are auto-generated (imperfectly) by the software used to model our horse barns. We are currently developing more accurate, photo-realistic renderings for each barn (coming soon). 

Example Floor Plan
Crosstimber horse barn_example floor plan layout

Size & layout can be customized. 

Benefits of a Sustainable Stables Barn

  • Pre-design efficiency meets flexibility of customization

  • Designed with horses' well-being in mind, including options for group housing 

  • Better integration with turnout for improved land management & horse health

  • Use of sustainable building materials, including choice of wood, metal or both

  • Save money via access to discounted material pricing

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