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After years of recommending smart, functional, farm and stable products to our clients, we have decided to start selling our favorite equestrian products directly. We see this as a natural evolution of our business, enabling us to better serve the needs of our clients.


We also support manufactures of eco-friendly horse products that we believe offer a smart, sustainable solution to our equestrian clients with marketing a distribution of their products. See our story about our work with HAHN Plastics as an example. 

Our inventory is small but growing, so check back regularly for new products! 

hores walking on Mud Control Grids


  • Made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic

  • Provide a unique and incredibly easy solution to manage mud around gates, feeders, waterers, laneways, and other heavy-use areas on your farm

  • Can be laid by hand directly on top of mud with minimal ground prep work

  • Can be easily moved from one place to another over time as needed

  • Believe the hype!  

Horse standing on paddock slabs


  • Made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic

  • Provides a strong, durable base that keeps your footing in place, protecting your investment

  • Great for paddocks, runs, or as a base for your stalls

  • Strong enough to easily withstand the weight of a tractor-trailer or emergency vehicle

O2Compost horse manure composting system


Let us help you plan and purchase a horse manure composting solution that is right for you. 

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Recycled plastic arena edging_cropped


  • Composite plastic edging made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic

  • Available in square or round profiles

  • Rot-proof and splinter-free

  • Will long outlast traditional wood to contain and protect your footing investment, as well as provide an attractive edging feature to your property

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