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Mud Control Grids

Our Mud Control Grids, manufactured from 100% recycled plastic by HAHN Plastics, are the perfect solution to tackle even the most challenging mud problems around gates, feeders, waterers, laneways and other heavy use areas on your horse or livestock property. Each grid measures 19.69" x 19.69" and weighs approximately 15 lbs. Installation is simple. No heavy equipment or ground preparation required. Just lay the grids on top of the mud. Sturdy enough to drive tractors and other heavy equipment over.


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mud control grid_5.jpeg
mud control grid_1.jpeg
mud control grid_7.jpeg
mud control grid_3.jpeg
Mud control grid_4.jpeg
mud control grid_10.jpg
mud control grid_6.jpeg
mud control grid_horses walking single f
mud control grid_8.jpg
mud control grid_9.jpg
mud control grid_12.jpg
mud control grid_14.jpg
mud control grid_13.jpg
mud control grid_16.jpg
mud control grid_15.jpg
mud control grid_2.jpeg
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