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Hanpave Permeable Driveway Pavers

High-performance, durable, low maintenance, and economical permeable driveway pavers manufactured from 100% recycled plastic by HAHN Plastics North America Ltd. Hanpave pavers are connected by an interlocking structure and intended for installation on a porous base. Their role is to keep fill material (gravel, grass, etc) in place and transfer loads from the surface to the base below. 


Per individual paver:
$5 per paver

Per pallet of 486:

1 pallet: $4.50 per paver

2+ pallets: $4 per paver

* Each paver covers approximately 1.2 sq ft. Pricing listed above does not include freight (shipping) fees or taxes (when applicable). Freight fees are quoted on a per-order basis. Contact us today for a custom quote including freight!

Click here to see a detailed spec sheet.

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