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Heavy Duty Ground Grids

Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic by HAHN Plastics North America Ltd and backed by a 20-yr manufacturer's warranty, these heavy duty ground grids are far superior to the concrete equivalent, as they are lighter, easier to install, and do not crack or break like concrete. Designed with a stabilizing interlocking systems, heavy duty ground grids are the perfect solution for driveways, parking areas and outdoor spaces capable of handling the heaviest of loads. 


Per individual grid:
$12 per grid

Per pallet of 135 grids:

1 pallet: $10.50 per grid

2+ pallets: $10.25 per grid

* Each grid covers ~ 2.6 square feet. Pricing listed above does not include freight (shipping) fees or taxes (when applicable). Freight fees are quoted on a per-order basis. Contact us today for a custom quote including freight!

Click here to see a detailed spec sheet.

Heavy Duty Ground Grid Gallery
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