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Pre-Designed Barn Line

The barn your horses would want you to build!

The efficiency of pre-design meets the flexibility of customization!

What makes a Sustainable Stables barn unique?


As an alternative to the traditional model of one 12 x 12 stall per horse, our pre-designed barns offer a unique solution for those wanting a more natural, healthy and cost-effective means of keeping their horses, without sacrificing the charm and elegance of a well-designed barn. With an emphasis on group horse housing, with traditional box stalls included as needed, a Sustainable Stables barn allows better integration with turnout - whether to rotationally-grazed pastures, paddocks, dry lot(s), equicentral or track systems. Look, layout and materials for each barn can be fully customized to meet your specific needs. Designed with the utmost consideration of the horses they house and offering the latest in sustainable building materials, we can confidently say that our line of pre-designed barn plans represent the barn your horses would want you to build!

Horse barn for group housing_CI_edited_e

Our Process: Pick a plan  >  Customize the plan  >  Use our suppliers, or your own, to bring the plan to life! 


Gable Barns
Raised-Center-Aisle Barns
Shedrow Barns
Cross-Breezeway Barns

Benefits of a Sustainable Stables Barn

  • Pre-design efficiency meets flexibility of customization, with the freedom to choose layout and materials

  • Designed with horses' well-being in mind, including options for group housing in one or multiple herds

  • Better integration of the barn with pasture & paddock turnout for improved land management & horse health

  • Options for use of sustainable and eco-friendly building materials throughout

  • Save money via access to discounted material pricing through our preferred suppliers

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