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Pre-Designed Barn Line

The barn your horses would want you to build!
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The efficiency of pre-design meets the flexibility of customization! 

Our Process

  1. Pick a plan

  2. Customize the plan 

  3. Use our preferred suppliers, or pick your own, to bring your plan to life! 

Representing the culmination of 15+ years of equestrian property planning and design, our pre-designed barn line offers a modern step forward in barn design. With a focus on natural horsekeeping methods, better integration of the barn with pasture and paddock turnout, and an emphasis on sustainable design and land management principles, our barns are designed with the utmost consideration of the horses they house. We can confidently say that our line of pre-designed barn plans are the barn your horses would want you to build!


Benefits of a Sustainable Stables Barn

  • Save money through access to special pricing discounts on supplies

  • Flexibility in design using wood, metal, or a combination of materials & components

  • Easily integrate individual runs or group turnout off the barn for better horse health and land management

  • Utilize our experience planning and designing equestrian facilities to ensure not only an optimal barn design, but optimal placement of the barn on your property  

Contact us to learn more!

Use the form below to contact us to learn more about our pre-designed barn line, or call us directly at 919-597-9667

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