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Horse Barn Design - The Power of 3D Modeling

Planning and design of your horse barn is an exciting time. Even if you don't plan on hiring an architect or architectural planner to custom-design your barn, it's well worth the investment to have a professional like us create accurate, to-scale 3D renderings of your planned barn to enable you to better visualize exactly what your barn will look like. This can be especially helpful when it comes to making decisions about breezeway, dutch and entryway doors, windows, cupolas, cladding, trim, etc. At Sustainable Stables, we often work hand-in-hand with builders, or with you directly, to prepare fully-custom 3D design renderings. Check out this rendering we recently completed for a client in Virginia. This barn marries a traditional look with a more open stall concept, where, rather than traditional enclosed 12 x 12 stalls, the client wanted each stall bay to lead out to an individual run, which, in turn, will connect to a larger group turn-out paddock (individual run and paddock fencing not shown).

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